If you’re a wine lover in the UK who wants to protect our planet's wildlife, join us for a wine tasting! You'll learn all about some unique and delicious wines, and get inspired by the wine maker's conservation mission.

Isn't this just what your 2020 needs?

We all know that 2020 has been… well, nuts…

With Christmas just around the corner, wouldn't it be great to have a laugh, drink some great wine, and chat about wildlife, adventures, and conservation?

Are you ready? Grab a wine glass and let's get going! 

Is it in your hand? Stem between your fingers as the glass rests in your palm? Swirl the red wine and watch it’s legs dripping down, showing the promise of delicious ripe tannins. 

It smells fruity and rich. Like the perfect drink after a long day. Your taste buds come alive as it hits your tongue...

Your mind drifts as you imagine where the wine came from. Each grape growing on the vine. The person who picked them...


With every sip, you have helped to support real people making a real difference. You’re supporting people on the ground, protecting endangered animals.


Animals who can't speak for themselves and really need help.


The warmth you feel from the wine is doubled by the thought of making a difference. A small, simple choice that makes a huge impact. 

Sound good to you? Us too!!

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6pm GMT 22nd December

Hosted by Georgia from Wild & Wine

with special guest, Jeremy from Painted Wolf Wines!

Join us for an evening of wine, games, tasting notes, a tote bag, conservation conversations, and lots of laughter!

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From £65

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Why Wild & Wine Tasting?

At Wild & Wine, you guessed it - we love wine just as much as we love wildlife! That’s why we want you to join us for a tasting of our favourite wines by our favourite wine makers.

We're a company built around wildlife: experiencing it and protecting it. We couldn't have the adventures that we do without the creatures that we find along the way. We also love a glass of wine at the end of the day... we think it helps us to reflect on our experiences. 

We want you to feel the same!


How fantastic is it to know exactly where your new favourite wine comes from?


Wouldn’t you like to share in good wine, knowing it just takes raising a glass to help wildlife and conservation?


Doesn't it feel amazing to buy a bottle of wine, knowing your purchase is doing great things for the planet? 


Isn't it great to have the knowledge to talk to your friends about protecting endangered animals?

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Why Painted Wolf Wines?

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Now, let me tell you about Painted Wolf Wines and why we, at Wild & Wine, LOVE what they do. 


Like us, Painted Wolf Wines was built with conservation at the heart of their business. They’re even named after one of the most endangered predators in the world - the Painted Wolf, otherwise known as Painted Dogs, Cape Hunting Dogs, or African Wild Dogs (aka Lycaon Pictus). 


They’re dedicated to producing authentic, distinct, delicious wines to help the conservation of African Wild Dogs and their natural habitat. From starting their business in 2008, they’ve so far donated an incredible 2,500,000 South African Rand (about £122,120/$164,000) towards helping protect this incredible species! They are strongly linked to the Endangered Wildlife Trust. 


If we are totally honest, we couldn’t find a fault with their bottles, even if we wanted to. They're tasty, meaningful, and beautiful!


We proudly support Painted Wolf Wines in their ethos that they share with a pack of Painted Wolves - ‘never give up’. We’d love for you to join us.


During our wine tasting, we will crack open three bottles of Painted Wolf Wines. A white and a Pinotage rosé from ‘The Den’ range, and a Guillermo Pinotage, which Jeremy is hoping will one day become the best Pinotage in the world!

We will chat about all things Painted Wolf, an endangered species, while enjoying every sip of the wine in front of us. 


This is an interactive wine tasting! We round off the evening with a Wild & Wine quiz to recap the amazing things that we’ve learned.

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As safari guides, we know that by experiencing the nuances of the bush firsthand, you begin to understand the significance of conservation.


Every species has a huge role to play. We see why the dung beetle is just as important as an elephant… Even if you aren't going on safari, you can channel our inner adventurer and dream about the future.


We’ll be sure to come away from the evening with smiling faces, a little wine buzz, and a renewed interest in conservation


We will share our wine knowledge to help you understand the blurb on the back of a wine bottle. You’ll be walking down the wine aisle like you own it in no time.

What's included:

  • Choice of either 3 or 6 Painted Wolf Wines, supplied by Perold Wine Cellar

  • Wine tasting hosted by Georgia, Co-Founder of Wild & Wine

  • Wine tasting expertise by the wine maker himself - Jeremy Borg of Painted Wolf Wines

  • Tasting cards for each of the wines

  • Wild & Wine quiz

  • Wild & Wine Tote bag

What's NOT included:

  • Wine glasses

  • Wine tasting snacks (we highly recommend cheese and bread!)

  • Hangover cure

Georgia grew up climbing trees and embracing the elements in Devon and Cornwall, England. Her competitive nature comes out when she plays hockey and card games, although her favourite afternoons are always spent in nature, with her binoculars looking for birds. This wasn't always the case - for a long time her fear of birds kept her away from our feathered friends!



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Georgia is a registered FGASA Field Guide, Certified Tracker, Film Maker and Photographer. She is also an avid traveller, having visited 27 countries and she never says no to an adventure. She has a degree in Film & Television and when she's not in the bush, she can be found on her Narrowboat (named Lush) with a glass of wine in hand.


White Wine
  • Is this wine tasting for me? If you like wine and are interested in wildlife, this wine tasting is definitely for you. It’s not every day that you get to talk to a safari guide and a wine maker who both are passionate about animals the the habitats that they live in. 

  • How long is the tasting? The whole experience will last about 1.5 hours, starting at 6pm GMT.

  • What does it cost? £65 for 3 bottles and £97 for 6 bottles. This includes postage and a few other goodies thrown in the box.

  • What is the itinerary? We open wine bottles, we drink the wine and talk about wildlife. Oh, and there’s a quiz too!

  • What is the cancellation policy? Once the wine has been dispatched, we can’t cancel the offer. We have a hassle free refund policy, but we are sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

  • When is the last chance to order the wines? The wines are next-day delivery but we like to have a 2-day window - just incase a global pandemic happens to ruin any plans. 

  • How long until my box arrives? We post our boxes with a next-day delivery so you don’t have to wait too long. The hardest thing will be trying not to open the bottles before the main event!

  • Are the wines vegan friendly? Yes! They are! 

  • How can I offset the impact of wine coming all the way from South Africa? We’ve got you covered. At Wild & Wine, we strive to be carbon neutral in everything that we do. We work closely with climate offsetting companies so you can rest assured that we’ve got your back.

  • Still have a question? No worries! Drop us an email and we will be happy to answer your questions!