With your help, we raised just over $2,000 for rhino protection efforts in southern Africa. We look forward to supporting this initiative again in December 2021!

To recap:

On 12 December 2020, our Co-Founder Annie DuPre-Reynolds ran up and down Rhino Peak. This climb is called "extreme" by hiking standards, so running it is almost laughable! So why did she doing this?

Annie's run supported the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) in their work to protect Rhinos. Few people are unaware of the rhino poaching crisis which persists in South Africa. The EWT has been actively involved in addressing this scourge since April 2010. They combat rhino poaching by undertaking strategic projects that prevent the poaching of rhinos, detect the smuggling of rhino horn, ensure justice where wildlife crimes involving rhino occur, and promote good governance in the management of rhinos.

While the suggested donation for runners begins at $1000, Annie's goal was to raise $2000 for this project, and with your help she did it! Thank you again to everyone who supported this initiative. If you'd like to support the EWT further, please contact our co-founder Annie at annie@wildandwine.co.za to learn more.